5 Reasons To Sell Your House OFF Market in Venice Florida

5 Reasons To Sell Your House OFF Market in Venice Florida
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My name’s Jon with MSPG, and I’m here to talk to you today about a question that we get a lot here in Venice, Florida. What is the benefit of selling my home off-market? Well, we’ve broken it down to five things.

Number oneLess fees, something that everybody loves. One of the standards in selling your house on market in Venice is that you’re going to be working with agents, and the general standard there is paying both the buyer’s agents commission and the seller’s agents commission, so 3% for the buyer and 3% for the seller’s agent. So, a total of 6% being paid to agents. So, if you’re selling a house that’s $100,000, 6% of that equals $6,000 that you’re paying in fees. $200,000 house equals $12,000, $300,000 house equals 18,000, and et cetera. Add in the fact that you might need to pay additional fees for property stylists, design, et cetera here in Venice Florida and the fees can really add up when you’re doing an on-market deal.

Number two reason why selling your home off market might be best for you? Your target audience. When you’re selling your house off-market, in Venice Florida or anywhere else, your target audience is generally going to be more experienced, sophisticated buyers, people that have companies that do this for a living, and there’s multiple benefits that go along with that. First off, you’re going to have less people that are backing out of your deals. These are experienced people that know what they’re doing, and they’re much more likely to stay with a deal once you agree upon a purchase price for your Venice Florida home. Number two, these buyers are going to be working with cash offers for buying your home off market, so there will likely be less contingencies involved with the transaction and less chances of your deal falling through at the end of the day.

Number three. Ease of the transaction. So, A. when selling your Venice home off market you’re not going to have to deal with a ton of open houses, viewings, stagings, having tons of people come by your house and take a look through everything. All that tends to be a lot more simple when you’re working off-market, and B. because you’re working with those more sophisticated buyers that I mentioned earlier, you can often close these off market deals in much less time, often under two weeks.

Number four. A really big one that people love. Less maintenance and repairs. When you’re selling a house on market on the MLS, one of the first things that your agents going to suggest to you is that you make some repairs. You want to get the highest value out of the property, and you want to make it look nice for the retail buyers that are buying on market on the MLS. So, depending on what level of repairs your Venice house needs, you’re going to want to get a cleaning crew in there and clean it up before selling on market. You’re going to want to fix items in the house. You’re going to want to do maintenance. And these can really add up on your bottom line budget.

And last but not least, number five. Privacy and control of the transaction. At the end of the day, a lot of people just want the deal to be more private. They don’t want everybody to know what’s going on with their house, with their sale. They don’t want everybody to know the price that the house is being sold for. If there’s any kind of financial situations that they don’t want people to be aware of. Maybe you have a divorce, maybe you’re behind on your taxes, anything like that, just to keep the transaction as private as possible, that is much more available to you when selling your home in an off-market deal.

So, there you have it. Five reasons why you may want to consider selling your Venice Florida house off-market. At MSPG we’re here to help you with your home selling needs, whether you decide to sell on market or off, reach out today for more information!

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