6 Tips For Downsizing Your House in Sarasota

6 Tips to Help You Downsize Your House in Sarasota

We all know that downsizing can be overwhelming – it’s always a surprise how much we can accumulate over time! Whether you’re downsizing to save money or to reduce your environmental footprint, it can be difficult to choose what to keep and what to part ways with. The best thing to do is make this process simpler by breaking it down into steps and following the plan to face the difficult decisions ahead. 

You can make slow but steady progress towards your goal of ensuring that your new home is comfortable, with a place for everything. Read on as we explore six tips to help you downsize your house in Sarasota.

Gather Supplies

First off in our ways to help you downsize your house in Sarasota is to collect the supplies you’ll need during your process so that you don’t have to stop if you need a container, marker, label, or pen to finish the job at hand – staying focused is crucial! You’re going to want to put together one large binder or folder to organize everything – then put everything in your calendar! Afterwards, split your home into sections and organize those for each week over the number of weeks you have before your move, room by room. Make sure you store your important documents that you will need, such as for the movers, utility, or other service providers you may need to contact about relocating services. 

Do it right, once

Our next tip to help you downsize your house in Sarasota is to make a rule that you only touch items once as you organize your home. To help with this, make sure you have containers or space set aside for one of three categories, keep, give away or toss. For the items you will continue to own, it’s advisable to create a master ledger so you won’t worry about finding something you need after the move and keep this in your moving binder. First, list the items in the box, then number the box, ensuring you mark which room the box belongs in so that the movers needn’t ask during the unloading process. Next, ask for any items you wish to give to a specific person, and you should also have a method to label these items for the person intended, such as boxes or bags, depending on the object.

Make sure to measure

Something often forgotten is our next tip to help you downsize your house in Sarasota: measure your furniture! Afterwards, sketch the room plan out on paper with the measurements of the new property to guarantee that your furniture will fit in the new space. If you own any large items, you may also want to check the measurements of entryways to be sure you can get the furniture through the door – the last thing you want is to spend a ton of time trying to pivot these around corners! 

Know your storage

Our next tip to help you downsize your house in Sarasota is to make sure you know the amount of storage available in your new place – you don’t want to lug everything there and find out there’s nowhere to put your items! If you haven’t used an item in the past year, you’re probably safe to get rid of it – try LetGo or Ebay to make some cash along the way. Perhaps you got an air fryer or other small appliance as a gift a few years ago, but you’ve never used it; it’s time to let it go and reclaim the storage space.


Our next tip to help you downsize your house in Sarasota is to hold a moving away party. At this time, you can say your farewells to those who have been a part of your daily life. This gathering is the perfect opportunity to share any giveaway items with the recipients of less personal belongings, such as the toaster oven you never opened you’re giving to your neighbor or your hairdresser. 

Maio Strand Property Group

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