How to Estimate Repairs When Selling Your House in Venice

Selling your home can be an exciting moment! That is, until you remember the many steps that are part of the process and the one that often makes sellers uncomfortable- the inspection. The idea of spending money on repairs, especially when this is something that you may have been avoiding for several years, can be very worrisome and many sellers avoid this situation. However, just like any other situation, facing your fear is always the best way to go and collecting estimates for these repairs is a necessary step. Three estimates from contractors are typically enough to make a fair comparison for the job at hand. When in doubt, you can always turn to the trusty google for more in depth information about your specific topic.

Being aware of your final costs will let allow you to make the necessary decisions for getting your home ready, pricing your home and passing that pesky inspection with flying colors. Once making these repairs you can also rest assured that you will meet any of the lenders’ requirements, as most buyers must qualify for mortgage loans on the conventional market.

Read on as we explore how to estimate repairs when selling your house in Venice.

Budget your time

Especially in a market like today it takes time to gather estimates for repairs when selling your house in Venice, so you will need to make sure you allow yourself enough time to research, reach out to and have conversations with industry professionals. The best contractors are often booked out for several weeks or months and will need to make a trip to your home to see the level of work needed first hand. Make sure that you ask each professional how far ahead they are booked and how long they estimate your project will take so that you have a realistic picture of how long it will be before your property is ready to place on the market.


Contractors vary as much as the colors in the world – and this is often reflected in the quotes you will receive. Its crucial that you investigate the contractors you are meeting with so you feel comfortable with their work and their ability to estimate repairs when selling your house in Venice. Recommendations from others in your area is always a great place to start and paying attention to the length of time their company has been in business is a must. Make sure to read reviews and check their websites and certifications. If the reviews are bad, you likely want to avoid that contractor, especially if there is talk of scams. Overall, asking for recommendations provides the best reference when you’re working with any business or professional, and online consumer reviews can then help narrow down your options.

Scope of work

Creating a scope of work needed is one of the most important steps you need to do in order to property receive an estimate when selling your house in Venice. It is best to meet with your contractor, walk through the property and create a list. You likely have a good idea of the work needed but they may notice issues that you missed in your initial assessment and may be able to provide guidance on topics you are unsure about. You want to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples and that each contractor is giving you a bid for the same scope of work. Contractors have a reputation for being unresponsive and this is definitely something you want to pay attention to while making your calls and scheduling your estimates. If they are not keeping their word or stopping and paying close attention to your questions or concerns, you may want to select a different pro. 

Detailed estimates

An important thing to look for when a contractor provides you with an estimate for repairs when selling your house in Venice is the amount of detail provided in the estimate. For larger jobs, where the exact pricing of all materials and anything else you will purchase could have variable price ranges, you should look for an estimate that provides you with the possible price ranges, such as the job costing between $10,000 to $12,000. It is reasonable to expect exact estimates for smaller jobs, such as replacing a single door. To be fair, when it is time to make your comparisons between contractors, all bids should be for the same work under the same terms.


There are many different decisions and preferences involved in selecting the materials that your contractor will install. The cost for these materials can vary wildly and will be a big part of the final cost that you are facing. Take the time to educate yourself about the installation, use, and care of materials so that you don’t get caught off guard, and the different materials and finishes available (especially what is trending in your neighborhood) so you can make sure the final product is what you want and will help get your home sold quickly. Educating yourself about the costs of supplies, appliances, or anything else you will need for the job can help you make better decisions when selling your house in Venice. In addition, knowing these things before discussing with your contractor will help you keep the conversation and scope of work in line with what you want.

Maio Strand Property Group

Now, if time is of the essence or you don’t want to deal with the hassle of repairs, you may want to consider working with a direct buyer, like those at Maio Strand Property Group. A direct buyer can offer you a guaranteed closing date, often within a matter of days. The direct buyers at Maio Strand Property Group will meet with you and provide full and transparent information about every detail that matters so you can compare for yourself, making the repairs and listing your property vs. making a direct sale for your property as-is. When you make a direct sale to Maio Strand Property Group, we want you to feel good about the deal long after closing. At Maio Strand Property Group, we stop everything and listen to you. Contact Maio Strand Property Group today at (631) 335-4055. Maio Strand Property Group at (631) 335-4055.

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