Sarasota Florida Real Estate Market Forecast 2022 – Expect It To Remain HOT

Sarasota Florida Real Estate Market Forecast 2022 - Expect It To Remain HOT
Speaker 1:
Here are reasons why the Sarasota Florida real estate market will not crash in 2022:

OneInterest rates will continue to stay at record lows in 2022, according to the FED.

Two – The return of international buyers. These crucial buyers have been missing from the Sarasota, Florida market since the onset of COVID, but as international borders reopen, we’re going to continue to see these buyers come back and increased demand.

ThreeDecreased supply. For the past 15 years, new home builds here in Sarasota, Florida have not kept up with the population growth, and this is projected to take several years to catch back up to the levels of inventory that we need.

Fourpopulation growth, one of the biggest factors in increasing home values. Sarasota has seen tremendous population growth over the past several years and is not showing any signs of decreasing.

And fivelifestyle changes. Since COVID, more and more people are asking themselves the question, where do I want to live, work, and enjoy my life? And more often than not, the answer has turned out to be Florida.

The Real Estate market is largely impacted by the laws of Supply and Demand – simple enough. Prices have increased significantly over the past year, but supply remains far below necessary levels and demand appears to only be increasing.

This was our opinion on why Sarasota Florida will continue to see a strong real estate market in 2022 – reach out to us if you’d like to learn more!

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