5 Tips for Selling Your Sarasota House on a Budget

“It takes money to make money” – we’ve all heard this old adage before and unfortunately it is often true when it comes to listing a home for sale on the market in Sarasota as well. Homeowners will often skip the services of a real estate agent to save on the commissions and cut down on costs, but it can also be expensive to prep your property and attract quality buyers. Buyers are often looking for homes that are move in ready, meaning you need to get to work on those repairs you’ve been putting off. However, if you don’t have the money for expensive renovations or making the other improvements commonly listed as necessary to receive the highest selling price, do not worry because it is possible to list your home on a budget and get the money you need to move on to your next adventure.

However, you must remember that a large portion of the real estate game is marketing and your listing is no different; the days of sticking a sign in the front yard and waiting for a call have long since passed; home buyers now search the internet for online listings, and your home won’t sell if your listing doesn’t stand out. So read on as we explore five tips for selling your Sarasota house on a budget.

Listing price

Listing your home at an appropriate price is an art as much as a skill, many factors can come in to play and although there is no actual dollar amount necessary to set a price on your home, you will certainly pay costs if you set this number incorrectly. Set it too high and your home might never sell, set it too low and you are leaving potential money on the table. As professional home buyers, the pros at Maio Strand Property Group can tell you that one of the most important aspects of a quick sale is to price the home at the right price, and this is the first of our tips for selling your Sarasota house on a budget. You can save yourself considerable time by the simple act of not overpricing your home. Sellers often forget that holding costs can add up while you are waiting for your home to sell and need to keep making those mortgage payments and keeping the lights on and lawn manicured. When buyers see a home that is priced too high, they simply move on, knowing they can get more for their money.   But don’t make the mistake of swinging too far in the other direction; buyers are suspicious when they see properties priced below market value. Regrettably, missing the mark in either direction can be costly in another way because homes that linger on the Sarasota real estate market tend to sell far below the current market value.

Home Prepping + Staging

Next up on our list of tips for selling your Sarasota house on a budget is to make minor fixes that can improve the property’s appeal to buyers and improve your marketing. Most buyers are going to be viewing your property online and if the pictures are low quality they may assume your home is low quality and skip over it, so it is vital to present a bright, clean home with high quality photography. Turn on the lights and open the drapery for photographs. At a minimum, make repairs to any noticeable damage. You would be surprised how much adding a fresh coat of paint for the interior and exterior and any fencing or sheds can improve the appearance of your property. Plus be sure to put in some work on the lawn, shrubbery and cleaning up any of those weeds. Power-washing your driveway and sidewalks is another relatively inexpensive task that provides a significant visual impact to potential buyers. Finally, ensure the garage and any storage spaces appear free of clutter, organized, and only half full; remove large furniture pieces that can overwhelm a room and store a majority of your belongings in a temporary storage facility. Remember that buyers buy with emotion and you want them to feel positive emotions when seeing your home.

Home Showings

Another tip for selling your Sarasota house on a budget is to make the property readily available for showings. Buyers want a home they are intereseted in to be available to view. If they can’t view your home easily they will move along to the next one. Be sure to do your best to remove any signs of pets from view and arranging for them to stay with family or friends or arrange family-friendly activities that your pets can enjoy as well. You’ll want to have grab bags ready to go for any pets as well as snacks and any other essentials to keep your family happy while you wait. For many, showings are one of the most bothersome and stressful aspects of selling a home, but you can turn it into a quality time full of special memories with some advanced preparations.


One more cost-free tip for selling your Sarasota house on a budget is to keep your emotions in check during negotiations. It’s helpful to remember the buyers you attract are trying to get the best bargain possible and don’t mean to insult you with their offer, even if it’s excruciatingly low. But, again, running comparables on the market with a realistic price point can help avoid this painful scenario.

Maio Strand Property Group

The professional home buyers at Maio Strand Property Group can provide you with all of the tips available for selling your Sarasota house on a budget; our job is to help you sell your home for the best possible price. In addition, the professional buyers at Maio Strand Property Group will detail what you’d earn by prepping and listing your home on the market vs. our fair offer for your house as-is, meaning no prep or repair costs will come out of your pocket. Working with Maio Strand Property Group means you could be walking away from the closing table with cash in hand in a matter of days! Ready to learn more? Contact Maio Strand Property Group at (631) 335-4055.

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