4 Things You Should Know About Working With a Professional Home Buyer to Find a Venice Investment Property

4 Things You Should Know About Working With a Professional Home Buyer to Find a Venice Investment Property

Owning investment property and earning monthly cash flow on the rental income is a great way to build wealth and ensure a bright tomorrow. Just as you would diversify your stock portfolio, try diversifying your investment portfolio by owning properties in different sectors of the real estate market as well. For example, include both short-term rentals, such as those found on AirBNB, VRBO, etc., along with long-term housing rental property, within both single-family and multi-family properties. Diversifying your investments is a common strategy across all asset classes, providing additional security against downward trends in any one sector. Additionally, you can maintain the lifestyle you’re accustomed to in your retirement because rental rates tend to keep pace with inflation.

One of the goals of professional home buyers is helping real estate investors just like you find the best properties available for their portfolio, without charging commissions. Additionally, working with a professional home buyer can save you from time-consuming and costly repairs.

When working with a professional buyer, you can expect a smooth and professional experience, from determining the purchase price you can afford, an understanding of the details you are looking for in your specific investments, and finding matching properties to move forward on. Read on as we explore four things you should know about working with a professional home buyer to find an Venice investment property.


Deciding upon an appropriate budget for their investment properties is one of the more challenging aspects for many new investors. One of the benefits of working with a professional home buyer to find an Venice investment property is that they can be a guide in understanding the proper budget and price range you should be in. This knowledge can be a great asset, allowing you to invest in the best property available within your price range, best suited to your needs and strategy. A professional home buyer can help walk you through the number of a deal, potential exit strategies and related costs. At the end of the day, real estate is a numbers game and you want to make sure your numbers are correct. If they don’t add up to a profit, you must move on to a new deal.

Market Expertise

Long-term appreciation and value should always be a factor when investing in real estate real estate and building your portfolio. While you can and likely will improve the physical property, you unfortunately cannot relocate a property. Many first-time investors forget important research into the location they are purchasing – crime rates, proximity to high traffic areas, school districts, etc. Another thing you should know about working with a professional home buyer to find an Venice investment property, they are dedicated to keeping on top of current Venice market trends. These pros know the signs to look for in investment properties, including upcoming improvements in the Venice master plan, to help you buy into an up-and-coming neighborhood early and increase your equity at a faster pace. 

Be the First To Know

Among the many advantages of working with professional home buyers is that you’ll be the first to know about a new investment property that fits your budget when it is available. In addition, you’ll never wonder about an excellent investment opportunity, ideally suited to your criteria, slipping through your fingers when you work with a professional home buyer. Finally, professional home buyers have a vast network of connections that increases your odds of learning about a deal before it ever hits the market. These relationships are with banks that handle foreclosures, real estate agents, developers, other investors, and many other contacts among the various fields related to the real estate industry. Having access to the inside scoop on properties benefits you as an investor. Being the first to make an offer can mean the difference between getting the investment property or missing out.

Maio Strand Property Group

You can learn all things you should know about finding and buying an Venice investment property by working with a professional home buyer from Maio Strand Property Group. With a large base of established connections, the professional home buyers at Maio Strand Property Group will learn about a potential investment property coming to the market long before anyone else, giving you the upper hand. In addition, professional home buyers like those at Maio Strand Property Group can provide you with several resources to help you overcome just about any obstacle, from bad credit to little or no money down. Finally, professional home buyers like those at Maio Strand Property Group will keep you on top of the latest trends and help you analyze properties you consider as your next investment. So why not let experienced home buyers like those at Maio Strand Property Group help you handle your real estate investment deals swiftly and efficiently with our many combined years of experience and the backing of our full-service team? We even offer property management services. And, if you’re interested in investing some elbow grease, don’t forget to ask about our current inventory of handyman specials available at Maio Strand Property Group. Contact Maio Strand Property Group at (631) 335-4055.

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